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Turquoise – Jewel of the Southwest

By Annie Osburn

All books are NEW and signed by me, the author.

For the first time, I am offering a limited number of first edition hardcover books for purchase from my personal collection. ~ This hardcover first edition is currently out of print and sold out elsewhere.~

Please inquire for price of the hardcover edition.

Turquoise – Jewel of the Southwest offers the most comprehensive collection of natural Nevada turquoise compiled in one volume, including the finest high grade, gem grade, rough nugget and fossilized specimens from a total of 48 individual mines in Nevada.

From the classic mines to well-known favorites and seldom seen mines, Turquoise – Jewel of the Southwest features more than 300 color images of remarkable turquoise from the Nevada Gem collection, as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry from Native American and contemporary Western designers, such as George Kee, Cheryl Yestewa, Joe and Terry Reano, Cippy CrazyHorse and Roger Wilbur. Turquoise truly is the Jewel of the Southwest.

Good news! After nearly 12 years, Turquoise – Jewel of the Southwest is now available in paperback limited edition. Price below includes domestic US shipping.


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