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Activate Your Creative Potential!


Longing to connect with your creative passion? Feel like you can't reach your vision of a creative life?

 I inspire people to unleash their creative potential and transform their lives through intuition, weaving and journaling.

My goal is to inspire you, to empower you and to support you to activate your creative potential – NOW. I offer individual and group creativity guidance and consulting based on intuitive collaboration. 

Intuitive Collaborator & Creative Guide - Annie Osburn

Together, I'll assist you to dig deep and listen to your own creative intuition -- those quiet nudges. I also can help write your own story as we journal together and uncover the essence of your true path – from birth to accomplishments to transformation.

What's your story? We will design your own personal compass for staying on center as you explore your creativity. I offer a safe space to connect, to be seen, heard and valued.

Here’s what I do + Who I am:

Above all, I am a creative intuitive, collaborator and guide. My background as an independent artist and writer has allowed me to get in touch with the vibrance of authentic creative energy that a person can activate themselves. I have years of experience listening to people and helping them transform. My mission is to inspire anyone seeking to ignite their inner creativity. I bring more than 30 years of experience as a professional writer, interviewer, podcast host, custom publisher, interior design and color consultant, textile artist and handweaver to my practice. I hold a degree in public relations from Boston University, certification in bodywork from the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork, and training in contemplative psychotherapy from Naropa University.

In my work witnessing people unfold as a profile writer, I realized I had an innate ability to help others shine a light on what they often could not easily see in themselves. Many of these tools can help you affect the kind of change you desire in your career path and creative life. Simply put, it all boils down to helping you get “unstuck”.


Transformation ~ What pushes us to transform, to make radical and
needed change?
Do we need more pain? More dissatisfaction?
What keeps us stuck is often the fear of uncertainty, fear of the unknown,
fear of the abyss of what-ifs.
Shifting is an opening that sometimes only lasts for a few seconds.
With courage and faith, we can jump
through the golden lasso of truth.
Transformation is the risk that cannot be denied.


As an Intuitive Collaborator and Creative Guide, I pay attention and help interpret through deep listening. I help you activate your potential and discover the essentials to becoming unblocked. I am for anyone pursuing personal and spiritual growth. Anyone open to the magic that transpires in the "aha" moment. Anyone yearning to connect with their big spirit through inspired collaboration.

Please get in touch with any questions and let's see what happens!


Support for deeper help, if needed.



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