Collaborative Creativity Coaching

Collaborative Creativity Coaching

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What You Can Expect:

I support those who yearn to realize their creative potential. Together, we’ll work to achieve where you uniquely want to go. I’m keen at seeing patterns and feeling spatial vibration – which means I can sense how to guide you and recognize your own personal set point. Staying grounded when life throws chaos in our path is some of the most profound strength-building medicine we can experience. This life stuff also can make it harder to carve out time to explore our creative passion.

The strength of finding and embracing my own way has given me the courage to live the life I create. You can, too.

How We Work Together:

Personal Collaborative Sessions (by phone, via Zoom or in person)

  • Individual Sessions
  • Weekly and Monthly Plans, with in between "check-ins" included

Groups and Workshops:

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